3volution 7itness

This is a home for all those who are tired of the same gym routine and all who are determined to make a difference in their life.

Our Story

3volution 7itness is committed to offering a welcoming environment and quality equipment for all who desire to reach new fitness levels. 37 gym specializes in motivational weight loss and muscle building group classes.

We also offer one on one personal training to help our clients reach their fitness goals. Our nutritional guiding meal plans help ensure the best and healthiest results. Our private gym offers a welcoming, clean, and motivational environment for all fitness levels.

Some of our clients have been with us for the last few years and enjoy the motivation they get from one another during group classes. Our clients say they enjoy our innovative classes that help them build their cardio and strength; not to mention the support they receive from one another.

They also appreciate our convenient location and sleek gym look.

“We can, We will, We Must”

Fabian Ramirez

Founder / Owner

As a young boy, I struggled with childhood obesity. But as I got older, I was drawn to sports; especially football and track. Working out was something that became a daily routine and soon became my passion. Fitness is my passion and I am excited to bring my gym to the city of San Gabriel. Group classes and one on one training is my specialty, along with providing my clients with nutritional guidance. I believe everyone deserves a healthy life, I am here to be apart of their journey.

Carla Ramirez

Co-Founder/ Owner

Determination, commitment, sacrifice, self-discipline, and goal setting have all been apart of my fitness journey. In 2012 I began to view my body as the temple it truly is. When I met Fabian in 2013, I knew that fitness would become the other half of who I will forever be. Going from the girl who was never athletic, to a gym owner; I am most proud of being confident and comfortable in my own skin. Fitness is not about comparing yourself to others, it’s about comparing yourself to the very best version of you. I look forward to helping all our members discover self-satisfaction.

It was a dream, now we’re living it.